Theta Healing® Session

Vanya is a qualified Theta healing practitioner and instructor providing one to one sessions.

Through connecting to the Theta brainwave, Vanya can provide a space where you can transform any limiting belief that is holding you back your life. Theta Healing is designed by it’s founder Vianna Stibal

This new found knowledge of Theta Healing and energy has further enhanced Vanya’s powers of healing and enlightenment.

Theta Session

£150 – 60 mins
£200 – 90 mins
Skype or in person


Are made in person ‘one to one basis’ or on Skype or on an arranged telephone call.

Please make a list of your questions and concerns in respect of the following:

  • Personal
  • Romance
  • Health
  • Finance

Meetings arranged in Central London speaking in either Russian, English or Bulgarian.

Please select your time

£50 – 30 mins
£80 – 60 mins

Skype or in person

Removing Negative Energy

Both past and present.

£140 – 60 mins
Skype or in person

Cleansing by VANYA

1 Hour Treatment using lead melted over a gas flame – then rapidly cooled when immersed in cold water. It’s finished shape will indicate to Vanya the clients life to date and the path of their future prosperity.
This is then followed by a unique seated ceremony/ritual which removes any negative energy present and blocks any incoming malicious thoughts from those wishing to do harm in either thought or deed.
All stress and anger will then evaporate – with well being and peace of mind restored to mind and body once more.

£150 – 60 mins
Cleansing Treatment

Individual Protection 

Maintain a protective shield against any negative energy given by others.  Helping restore their health love & luck for a better life.

from £140 – 60 mins

House & Property Cleansing

Visit the property removing all negative energy present.  Leaving the house in a safe and happy state where fortune and good luck will rebound.

from £250 to £350

Payments are made via Paypal or Bank Transfer
Please show session and time for reference when making bank transfer.

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